Hula Cox of Hampton, Virginia (Ginger/Rufus)

Paisley Faine of Ohio (Mason/Mitzi - Chiapoo puppy)

Ling Ling Nagele of Indiana (Rufus/Jezebel)

Maggie lives in Ohio (Rufus/Satinka)

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Leo Cochran of Ohio (Satinka/Rufus)

Previous Puppies born at Midwest Chihuahuas 

This page will display some photos of puppies that the Mom's we have here have produced.  It is just an small sample of the kind of puppies we produce.  Some photos are of the puppies when they were about to leave our home, others are updated by their families when possible.  We love photos of our babies and hope that you enjoy them also!

**Parents names are in parenthesis with each photo**


Sarolea is co-owned by MWC & Kinsey Chi's (Satinka/Rufus)

Pride Lopez of Ohio (Mason/Mitzi - Chiapoo)

Dairy Girl of Midwest Chihuahuas (Satinka/Rufus)

Indira Skutt lives in Michigan (Rufus/MooMoo)

Mason of Midwest Chihuahuas (Satinka/Rufus)

London Aragon of VA 
(Mason/Mitzi - Chiapoo)

Vaquettah Schweikert of Ohio (Rufus/Jezebel)

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A glimpse into some of the faces that have graced our hearts and home

Fiona Erling of Minnesota

Willow "Spanky" Crutchleo of Southern Indiana (Satinka/Rufus)

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Toby Moskonas of Ohio (Satinka/Rufus)

Toby & Gus Rubio of Ohio (Mason/Yukiko)

Penelope & Ling Ling Nagel
(Mason/Jezebel & Outside Stud/Dairy Girl)

Miguel Mousoulias of Ohio