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Interceptor Warning

Is Interceptor safe for your Chihuahua?  One owners experience!

Novartis Animal Health Product Information:

Interceptor Flavor Tabs for dogs is a once a month tablet that prevents heartworm disease, controls adult hookworm and removes and controls adult round and whipworm infection in dogs and puppies.  Interceptor is milbemycin oxime and is available in four table sizes.  Interceptor has been tested in over 75 breeds of dogs including collies, pregnant females, breeding males and female sand puppies over two weeks of age.  Adverse reactions reported following Interceptor include: depression/lethargy, vomiting, ataxia, anorexia, diarrhea, convulsions, weakness and hypersalvation.

Rita's Owners Story

The Ennis family of Kentucky adopted "Rita" a beautiful black smoothcoat Chihuahua from Midwest Chihuahuas in 2009.  Rita has always been a very small but boisterous puppy, happy, playful and healthy.  In early September of 2009 after a vet checkup, Rita's mom was prescribed Interceptor for Rita who had a measured weight of over 2 lbs.  Per veterinary and product instruction, Rita was given one Interceptor Flavor Tab in the 2-10 lb dosage (a 2.3 mg dosage of mibemycin oxime).  This dosage was given with Rita's  evening meal and the events that happened as a result put little Rita at risk of serious health implications that her family never saw coming.

As the evening progressed after taking Interceptor, Rita appeared a little quieter than normal but Rita tends to put herself to bed early.  The following morning around 7 am, Rita was found vomiting food from the night before and refused any breakfast.  Her stool seemed hard but otherwise good at that point.  Rita's family tried to offer a tiny amount of food around 8 am and she licked it off her human Mom's finger.  She then vomited that tiny morsel of food back up so all food was stopped.  Rita stayed very depressed and curled up in a ball most of the day but stopping food stopped any further vomiting.  A call to Rita's Veterinary staff brought a shock to her family when they were not surprised of this behavior after Interceptor ingestion and stated they had seen this before.  They offered a vet appointment later that evening and stated that most significant side effects would resolve themselves after a 24 hour period.  Imagine the sadness felt by Rita's family!  Had they known that such side effects were noticably detected in prior Intereceptor use, they would have opted for a different product to meet their needs.  Around mid-day, Rita passed a horrible stool which was only partly formed in the center and was surrounded by a thick muscous like substance.  Rita seemed to perk up a little after passing the abnormal stool but was still pretty noticably lethargic.  Around 4 pm, Rita's family tried feeding her again and although she would sometimes perk up her head, she still maintained no interest in food.  Her human Mom decided to carry her outdoors as the weather was pleasant and enjoy the sunshine with her.  Rita came in and was slightly more perky about an hour later when her Mom fed her a couple tiny bites of cooked hamburger meat.  When those couple pieces stayed down she was offered more every ten minutes or so in very tiny amounts.  She never really wanted to eat more than a crumb at a time.  Around 9 pm that night she was actually moving around somewhat with some interest in the other dogs and took a bite of her Canidae kibble.  She then ate 4-5 bits of it.  Afraid that pushing too much food would cause the vomiting to start back up, her owners offered water and put her comfortably to bed.  Thankfully upon awakening the next day, Rita's owners found her back to herself and ready to go about her life normally.

Please note that Novartis Animal Health, the makers of Interceptor Flavor Tabs own website (www.interceptor.novatrtis.us) a  lists these side effects but doesn't state the frequency of adverse reactions, particularly in small dogs.

Please also note that with the exception of this incidence, Rita has been in wonderful health and has had no other issues since birth. 

Rita's family has chosen to no longer give Interceptor Flavor Tabs and instead are discussing the usage of Heart Guard Plus tablets for future heartworm prevantative needs. 

*Midwest Chihuahuas recommends you discuss at length the risks and rewards of using Interceptor Flavor Tabs by the makers of Novartis Animal Health prior to admistering this medication to your Chihuahua. All medications have side effects and before starting your Chihuahua on a new treatment regimen, it is vital to discuss the pros and cons with your veterinary staff.  Midwest Chihuahuas will NOT be responsible for health issues that result as an effect of using this product.*