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Recommended Websites, Vendors & Products

A wonderful guide to help you find what you are looking for!


Below you will find links to some people and places that make a difference in our Chihuahuas lives.  

The products listed here are of the best quality and we have researched for years to offer only the best to our dogs and our puppies future families.  Links below highlighted in blue.

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project helps support Veterans returning from war and supports them in getting assistance animals, physical and emotional therapy and family counseling. For under $20 a month you can support so many that have given their time, medical and emotional health to keep all of us safe here.

Free Kibble

What a wonderful program this is!  Free Kibble was started by a 12 year old girl to help feed homeless shelter dogs.  With the participation of a well know dog food company, every day that the website is visited (see site for details) 20 pieces of kibble are donated to help the cause.  Bookmark this site and visit daily.  What a great way to help! 


Midwest Chihuahuas proudly feeds and recommends PureBites dog treats.  These one ingredient treats are made here in the USA from all American Ingredients.  PureBites are freeze dried meats that your Chihuahua or other dog will enjoy.  Ours particularly like the Beef Liver but NONE of our dogs will turn their nose at ANY variety.  PureBites are sure to please.  Don't ask us, check the bag at your local retailer...PureBites guarantees that your dog will love them!  Please research these foods and give your dog only the best!  Information can be found online at www.purebites.com

Jeffers Pet Supply

Tired of paying those high pet store prices for all the spoils for your little one?  Check out Jeffers Pet Supply located in Alabama.  You can shop online and/or order a catalog shipped to your home.  They are BY FAR the most reasonable pet supply company in the US and KEEPS JOBS IN AMERICA.  Please support these fine folks!  By doing so you get great products from shots to clothes to collars for your pet and keep America working!

Joe's Pet Meds

Are you looking for a good place to buy your dogs heartworm and flea treatments economically?  Tired of spending a high pricetag for good health?  Midwest Chihuahuas proudly recommends Joe's Pet Meds for your Frontline Plus and other needs.  These products are all in their original packaging and are sold from Australia.  But don't let that stop you.  These wonderful folks will have your order to you fast....the week after you order!  Check them out and have some extra cash in your pocket to spoil your pet and yourself!

US War Dogs

US War Dogs is a tribute to the canines that work overseas with the US Military to keep us safe.  Information on past, present and future dogs.  This site honors war dogs and their handlers.  It tells you about the work and dogs in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  Also ways to help by purchasing items to support the training of these priceless and overlooked canines that work to protect us all.