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Midwest Chihuahuas Puppy Pack

At Midwest Chihuahuas, when you get a puppy, you get more than just a dog


At Midwest Chihuahuas, when you pick up your puppy, you don't just get a puppy, shot record and food. Our Chihuahuas go home with a puppy pack designed to make the transition from our home to yours easier and reduce shock to our puppies.  Listed below is some of what will be in your Chihuahuas puppy pack if you purchase from us.  Know that colors and treats may very slightly.

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will come with its own, handmade, puppy blanket.  These Chromium Star Crocheted blankets are custom made with the colors of each puppy in mind and are from www.savannahcrochet.com

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will come with its own first article of clothing.  In most cases, these items are handmade locally.  In the case of manufactured clothing, we only purchase clothing items made for your puppy by workers here in the USA only.

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will come with a mini photo album on CD (upon request) with weekly photos of your puppy from the day of its birth until it leaves us.  Included in your photo album will be a clear photo of Mom as well as one of Dad.

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will go home with  at least three cuddle toys, chosen specifically with each puppy in mind.  These individual toys include soft play toys, pull toys and items good for play that they have grown to love here.

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy is sent home with its own healthy treats.  These are not "cheap" bones, but made by companies we trust that only offer the best ingredients and safest treats for the health and happiness of your puppy.  You may get treats made by a private small company making only organic dog treats.  We love Evolve Treats, Pure Bites and Roofle treats from Red Barn but puppy packs vary. We use only American companies

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy is sent home with a full-size tube of Nutrical or BeneBac if under 1.75 lbs when leaving.  This easily digestible vitamin supplement will help your puppies immune system more easily deal with the stress of going to a new home and environment and is an excellent source of many necessary nutrients for your new addition.

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will come with a bag of Dr. Gary's Best Breed (GMO-FREE) kibble for your puppy for continued health into adulthood. This will be a resealable 4# bag of food which should last your puppy about a month.  Food can usually be bought locally with their store locator and is also available online. This bag is equivalent to 4 full weeks of food and is nutritionally complete.

  • Each puppy will go to their new home with an Emergency Alert Sticker for the exterior door of the home.  This sticker will indicate in a case of fire or emergency to the first responders that your Chihuahua and any other pets are in the home. This can save your pet's life! 

  • Each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will go home with a signed formal Veterinary Release record.  This will come to you in lieu of a shot record due to the fact that your Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will see the veterinarian for more than just it's shots.  Our puppies are seen multiple times.  The Veterinary release record you will receive will allow your veterinarian to contact ours and have ALL records from the birth of your puppy on to be immediately faxed to your vet of record. 

  • Finally, each Midwest Chihuahuas puppy will come home with a wealth of information in your puppy folder.  Included will be copies of all Midwest Chihuahuas contracts you sign, comprehensive information on parasites, heartworm, allergens, feeding guidelines, hypoglycemia, grooming and more.  Also, Midwest Chihuahuas will come with their own feeding schedule and list of items used by Midwest Chihuahuas and where to purchase your own.

**Please remember, no two Midwest Chihuahuas puppy pack is the same!  Your puppies blanket, toy and birth certificate are made with the sex and early personality of your puppy in mind!  We buy our products from companies that keep their employees in the USA and when possible purchase products for your puppy that are manufactured in the USA.  Please promote the American worker and keep our jobs and money HERE where it belongs! Updated November 2016. Our average puppy pack value is $200 USD.