Back story of the Joker

The Joker was born to Odessa who died within two hours of birth by Caesarian section due to complications. He was hand raised along with his sibling completely by his human Daddy, Dennis.  They have an incredible bond.

Court Jester Bory of Rajesh by Midwest

Call Name: Joker
CKC Registration on File

The Basics

The Joker was born with two siblings by Caesarian Section on July 30, 2013.  He is a non-merle lined smooth coat chocolate tricolor Chihuahua.  His parents are Rajesh (non-merle black tricolor long coat) and Odessa (non-merle red with red nose).  He expresses the brindle gene in his tan points and carries the long coat gene (FGF5) so he produces both long and short coat puppies when mated.  Adult weight is 3.75 lbs at 7 years old.

Joker has a sweet, silly personality.  He likes to smile and when he does, his teeth show even though he has an even bite.  He has passed OFA testing for cardiac and patella and has passed DNA inherited markers testing.  He is sweet, spoiled and Daddy's boy since he was raised by his human Dad.  Always one to cuddle up in warm, fresh laundry, if you don't see the Joker right away, that's where to look!

Future Breeding Plans

The Joker has sired many litters. 2021 will bring his final mating prior to neuter with Zen.

Joker is available for stud service here in our home.  Females must be brucellosis negative and be left here in our care during mating.  We do not outsource our males for stud service.

*The Joker sired his first litter in 2014 Joker is son of Rajesh and Grandson of Rufus. Carries blue, chocolate, brindle and is NON MERLE LINED. Stud fee $750.

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