(In memory of)

The loving Studs that built our lines...
King Rufus of Reeces Pieces at Midwest

Call Name: Rufus
CKC Reg. No - CH-04180850
***Rufus passed on to Rainbow Bridge in 2014, it was a simple accident in the yard and our hearts will never be the same.  Thank you to Rufus for the wonderful legacy he left behind.***

Lord Mason of Suva by Midwest
CKC Reg No: CH-04180855


© Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest, 2007

Mason's Biography

Full of bubbly personality and a cornucopia of color, Mason was born and raised here.  Son of Rufus and Satinka and littermate sibling to Dairy Girl, he was born on April 15, 2008.  Mason's coat expresses  both merle and brindle pattern markings (often referred to as merble).  This also means he can produce both patterns individually and separately.  Mason sports a dark fawn base coat with splashes of color in a myriad of shades. He has a large, full long coat and produces puppies of beautiful coat, color and temperament. Sire to many babies, Mason is famous for his flashy merles, blues, silvers, brindles and reverse brindles in standard and chocolate, black tricolor, spotted on whites and others.  Standing at 7.50 inches tall and weighing in at a mature 4 lbs 6.70 ounces, he is the pride of his Momma's eye.  Mason is owned by Savannah (now 17) and he knows it!  When Savannah is at our home, he is known to be cuddled up on the couch with her or stealing some covers when sleeping in the bed at night.  When his real Momma is not here, he settles for myself or my husband, but everyone who knows the bond he shares with Savannah knows that there is where his heart truly lies.

Mason's personality

Happy go lucky, Mason knows no enemies.  Friend to all dogs, people of all shapes and sizes and basically every living thing, Mason has the perfect personality.  Boisterous and playful, Mason is fully housebroken, trained and an all around excellent companion.  Never shaky, scared or a barker and a big fan of car rides, he is loving and caring and shares his joy of life with all he meets.

Special thanks to Savannah for showing him such love and affection and working with him as she has.  It is thanks to her that he is such a wonderful Chihuahua and friend.

King Rufus of Reece's Pieces aka Rufus is our retired FOUNDATION STUD here at Midwest Chihuahuas.  Rufus is a beautiful, stunning boy, so small and with such a perfect applehead.  He is my most loving pet and friend and has been a wonderful dad to some truly nice puppies. He has a beautiful chocolate tri coat.  He has a dense double long coat.


**Rufus retired in late 2012 and will be staying at Midwest Chihuahuas for life.

Rufus' Information

Rufus is full grown (born 06-22-2005) and is out of a wonderful large (now retired) breeder in lower Alabama.  Daddy was mature at UNDER 3#!  Mom weighed just over 3.5#.  Rufus' three generation pedigree carries ALL long coated chihuahuas.  Rufus has produced a myriad of colors in the litters he has sired.    He has a TINY apple head and short stature (6.50 inches at the withers). His current weight is 3 lbs and 10 ounces and he is (admittedly) overweight slightly at this point but he is getting older.  Temperament wise, Rufus is a lover. 

Well Socialized

Rufus can and will get along with everyone!  Just check out the brood he is Alpha to!  Rufus is a loving adorable dog who quietly rules the roost of creatures big and small!  Here's proof! 

We are a home of multiple four leggers!  Aside from the chihuahuas, we are also blessed to have our large black Labrador and even larger Cane Corso who love to be a friends and babysitters to all our Chi's!  Everyone gets along well here and all are free to roam around the house!

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