2016 Puppy Names

We will use these names as some of our names given to puppies in the year 2016, primarily for our December litters. Of course, families can always change your name but we find the it is important to give pups a name and an identity immediately after birth. So some of those names and meanings (when possible) are below. If you are on our wait list and have a name you like off this list, let us know.

Male Names:

Hawk (Greek) - Crown - Person name after Stephen Hawkings
Sagan (German) - Manly -Person name after Carl Sagon 
Elon (African) - God loves me
Kodjo (African) - Born on Monday
Ghandi (Sanscrit) - Person named after
Chill  (English) - Of Chilton
Ezra  (Hebrew) - Help

Jacoby (American) Supplanter
Huxley  (English) - Outdoor place
Soren  (Scandanavian) - Severe
Thatcher  (English) - Roof Maker

Dewey (Welch) - Loved

Ronan (Irish) - little seal 

Viktor (Russian) - Victory, strength

Lukas (German) - Diminutive form 
Onan  (Arabic) - strength and power

Bjorn (Scandanavian) - Bear

Ziggy (German) - victorious protector

Armani  (African) - house of Armand

Fergus (Scottish) - man strength

Lazarus (Hebrew) - God has helped - will self name

Female Names:
Lennox (Scottish) - To live to serve
Feya  (Hebrew) - Fairy
Raina  (Slavic) - Queen
Mu  (Chinese) - Admired
Sitara (Indian/Sanskrit) - Starlight
Reya  (Spanish) - Queen
Giselle  (French) - Pledged
Dian  (Greek) - God of wine and revelry
Chamomile 'Cami'  (American) - Peace
Marigold  (English) - Love(, kindness

Sushi  (Japanese) - uncooked fish

Wren (English) - bird

Yesenia (spanish) palm tree

Charity (English) giver, kind

Eureka (Aboriginal) - "I found it"

Kiora (Aboriginal) - Greetings

Oneida (Indigenous Native American) - Eagerly awaited

Gioia (Italian) - happiness 

Dior (French) - present

Lark (American) - songbird

Akiko (Japanese) - bright sparkle, autumn

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