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I just have to thank you again for our beautiful Ellie. She is the most amazing pup I could imagine. Not only is she incredibly beautiful and healthy, she is also extremely well adjusted, very confident, extremely smart and just a joy to have in our family. She hasn't found anything that she doesn't take on with full confidence. From cats, to dogs, to children to all of the hustle and bustle of a house full, she just takes it all in stride. I couldn't have asked for a better pup from a better breeder."

I thought it might be nice to take a few minutes and introduce ourselves.  
Please read below to learn more about us!

Our little family

Hi!  My name is Patricia and my husband and I run Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest Chihuahuas.  This is my dream and I am fortunate enough to live it as it continues to grow.  Our family is a little group of two-leggers and four leggers.  I am married to a wonderful man named Dennis who thanks only to God, came back into my life after knowing him many years ago in the military.  He is my ROCK and is SO supportive of raising the dogs that my cup runneth over!  In our home we have Beast, Dennis' AKC black Labrador Retriever (neutered due to being over tall) who is 9.5 years old, Tank (owned by my oldest, Shannonrachel who is  Security Forces in the USAF) who is a English Mastiff/Dogue de Bordeaux mix (French Mastiff)/Neapolitan Mastiff cross who is 4.25 years old and 196 lbs and our Chihuahuas.  Oh, we also were adopted by a solid black cat and a tortoiseshell cat. Sometimes it's a handful!  Generally speaking, it is all easy...UNTIL it is time to eat, then everyone is nice to one another....just VOCAL!

Patricia's Information

In the prime of my life at 44 years young, I was raised in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio as a child. I entered the military and lived many different places as an adult.  I am the Mom to three lovely and wonderful daughters and one son who sadly watches me from Heaven as he was a SIDS baby.  Our dogs now are like my little children, I baby them and love them and I hope it is obvious to everyone who comes in contact with them!  Raising these Chihuahuas is my full-time hobby.  Although we do not have puppies year round (and do not recommend buying from breeders who do), there is a lot of work here with the development of our parents, working with our pregnant moms, raising babies, assisting and keeping up with our Chihuahua families, all the  bookkeeping, genetics work, extensive training, helping other I know a regular job would afford me more time, but I love what I do with all my heart.  My children love the puppies and have helped name some of the litters, Dennis is so sensitive and loving with them and I am with them most of the day for 95% of their life.  I rarely go out nights (or days!), don't really take vacations, all for the love of this!  I don't want to raise a LOT of Chihuahuas, or the smallest, or the most exotic...I raise some small, some very exotic puppies, but what I want is to raise healthy, well-adjusted, temperament tested, genetically superior, socialized, hands on puppies in a loving and open family environment that grow to be the center of someone's universe.  That is why there is a Midwest Chihuahuas.

Dennis' Information

My wonderful husband Dennis is a man of great character.  I met Dennis in the early 90's because we were both in the military and years later I am grateful to know him again.  At 47, Dennis and I now reside in our beautiful new (to us) home in Mansfield, Ohio.  I am lucky to have such a loving man!  Dennis was a brick mason and proud member and delegate of the local union until October of 2012 when he had his first of two significant ishemic strokes.  Dennis is now home with me full time and suffers from Essential and Dystonic tremors caused by a silent stroke in 2013, Dennis is a whiz at all things building and when he has time he lives to restore the 1974 CJ-6 Jeep he owns and enjoys working in our large community garden in the summer.  I am always in awe of his talents. Dennis is very supportive and loving to our Chihuahuas and hands on whelps litters with me and does a large part of the day to day care and training of the babies as time allows. He is hands on with all the litters including helping deliver each litter and enjoys living here in Mansfield where we relocated to in July of 2016.

Top Photo: Me, Patricia

Bottom photo:  Dennis with our oldest daughter, Shannonrachel, while home on leave from the US Air Force, July 2015

Our Girls

God blessed us with three talented, beautiful and compassionate children.  Although they are not here full time, they are in my heart every day and we keep in close contact. Our daughters are Shannonrachel (now in the US AIR FORCE), Savannah (Forensic Chemistry student at Ohio University) and Charlotte (Psych/Pre-law Cleveland State University) we get together as often as we can. They are 22,20 and 18 years old.  They love ALL animals and have had a lot to do with all the puppies that have been raised over the years.