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Patricia I. Duffer (Owner/Operator) /Dennis M. Duffer, JR




*Midwest Chihuahuas (MWC)  is herein referred to as:  breeder or seller.  Seller states that at the time of sale puppy has no known

disease or illness, and no known congenital or hereditary conditions that could adversely affect the health of the puppy or would

be likely to affect its health in the future.

Puppy has a Five-Year Genetic Guarantee (as a separate contract), however, If buyer does not have the puppy seen by a licensed

AVHM veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase, any and all guarantees are forfeited.  Guarantee covers the purchase price of the puppy

ONLY, minus the non-refundable deposit, and ONLY covers life-threatening hereditary conditions that will severely affect the suitability

of the puppy as a pet.  We DO NOT cover the following:

Congenital defects/problems

Open fontanel

Tracheal rings collapsing (reverse sneezing)

Hernias of any kind

Undescended testicles in males, inverted or recessed vulva in females

Luxating patella

Infectious diseases and/or parasites


Hypoglycemia, hypocalcaemia, or other food/nutritional/vitamin deficiencies

We DO NOT guarantee adult size, the best we can do is give you an estimate.  There are too many variables that can affect a puppy’s

adult size including many that we have no control over such as how much/often a puppy is fed after it leaves our care, quality of food,

amount of exercise etc. We DO NOT guarantee breeding ability, show ability, bite, coat (color, length, texture, fullness, etc.), or

temperament!!!  Many of these things can change as puppies transition into adulthood.  Bites can go off, testicles can fail to descend, coats

and colors can change.  Temperament can change according to socialization and environment.

Unless otherwise agreed, all of our puppies are sold strictly on a spay/neuter contract unless approved IN ADVANCE of deposit being placed.


must mail proof of spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian no later than seven (7) months of age by priority (tracked) mail using USPS.

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We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone based on our personal observations or opinions.  We want only the best for our puppies and it is

our responsibility to do our best to provide that for them.  We care about where our puppies go as much as you should care about where

they come from.  You have the right to pick your breeder, we have the right to pick our puppy’s new family.

In the event that you are unable at any time in its life to keep your new MWC puppy we require that you call us and give us first option of

taking the puppy. (You will sign a separate and mandatory First Right of Return Contract.)  We do NOT offer refunds or exchanges, we cannot

buy a puppy back, but we DO promise to foster and care for it until a suitable adoptive family can be found.  We will try to drive partway

whenever possible to pick up a puppy that needs to be returned but shipping is at the buyer’s expense.  Once you relinquish a puppy or dog

back to us for whatever reason it is again ours and all registration papers must be signed back over to us if applicable.  We see too many dogs

in shelters and on the streets, abused and neglected, abandoned and unloved.  We do not EVER want this to happen to one of our puppies


is why we require you to return them if needed.

If we EVER receive proof that a puppy/dog purchased from us has been abused, neglected, left at a shelter, or left running the streets we

will do whatever is necessary to recover the puppy/dog in question and buyer will be held responsible for any and all costs incurred in this

recovery effort, including but not limited to adoption fees, transportation fees, veterinary fees and re-homing fees.

Puppies will not be released until at least eight (8) weeks to the day (as per State of Kansas laws) and are expected to be picked up promptly

unless we and our Veterinary Staff feel that your puppy needs additional time here prior to placement.  All puppies MUST be paid in full by

six (6) weeks to the day unless other written arrangements have been made or all monies paid are forfeited and puppy may be placed back

up for sale.  All deposits and Tier One payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and if puppy is rejected for ANY reason after four (4) weeks to the

day, all additional payments will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

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     *Have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of puppy leaving breeder’s care and agrees to provide proof of this

examination by an AVHM Veterinarian mailed by USPS tracked mail to MWC or they forfeit any limited health guarantee on the puppy.  No


     *Have puppy vetted on a regular basis and keep vaccinations current and up-to-date, worm the puppy regularly, and keep the puppy on

heartworm and flea/tick preventatives such as Simparica Trio (recommended) or Revolution or Heartgard and Frontline Plus.

     *Always keep the puppy supplied with fresh water, a quality feeding program, proper exercise and shelter at all times.  Our puppies are

meant to live in your home and be a part of your family, not live on the end of a chain or in a kennel.  They are raised in a family setting

as are their parents and we will accept nothing less for our babies.  Leaving your MWC puppy chained outside all day or forcing them to live 

in a kennel (outdoors or indoors) constitutes neglect and will result in the puppy being returned to MWC at the buyer’s expense, no exceptions.

     *Have the puppy spayed or neutered at the earliest possible age (absolutely no later than seven (7) months but preferably sooner unless an

AVHA licensed veterinarian gives acceptable cause to wait, (such as puppy is too small to withstand anesthesia) unless unlimited show and/or

breeding rights are approved PRIOR to deposit being placed on the puppy. Midwest Chihuahuas maintains the right to have a second opinion

done by the buyer at the buyers expense if an AVHA Veterinarian refuses to spay or neuter by age seven (7) months. Midwest Chihuahuas also

highly encourages buyers to agree to pre-anestestic bloodwork when having puppy spayed or neutered.

     *NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES send the puppy/dog to a shelter at any time, for any reason, throughout its lifetime and to notify

MWC if they cannot keep the puppy/dog for any reason at any time throughout its lifetime.  MWC reserves the right to have puppy returned

if you can no longer keep your puppy under the stipulations stated previously in this contract and in accordance with the separate and

mandatory First Right of Return Contract signed separately.

     *Any and all litigations that may arise from the purchase of this puppy, whether begun by the seller OR the buyer, be carried out in Barton

County Kansas where the purchase originated from.

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LIMITATION OF LIABILITY:  In no event will the breeder be held liable for any damages of any kind that a puppy may cause, including but not

limited to, personal property, other pets, inability to breed the puppy, biting, or any other expenses incurred after purchase of the puppy.  

We ask all other counties and states to accept this contract as legal and binding, and that if, at any time, there arises a lawsuit concerning a

puppy bred by Midwest Chihuahuas (MWC), that the governing county/state please mandate that any litigations be carried out in Barton County

Kansas, as this is the county and state that the sale originated from and where the breeder is located.

We also ask that should any part of this sales contract ever be deemed in a court of law to be unenforceable, that the court determining that

part to be unenforceable will uphold and enforce all other parts of the contract.  Any breech of this contract that could be determined in any

way to be detrimental to the name of MWC, Midwest Chihuahuas, Patricia Duffer (owner), Dennis Duffer Jr (owner), or any member of the

Dennis & Patricia Duffer family or associate of Midwest Chihuahuas (MWC), said affected party/parties shall be entitled to 5 times the purchase

price of the puppy, and also including but not limited to attorney fees, court costs, and any and all other expenses accrued as well as return of

the puppy/dog. This contract is NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

We require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of half the purchase price of the puppy OR $500, whichever is greater, to reserve your MWC puppy 

for you.  Once a deposit has been accepted MWC will no longer look for prospective buyers for the puppy and the purchase price will stay the

same.  We are constantly evaluating our puppies as they grow, and purchase prices are subject to change up to the time a deposit is accepted.  

Puppies will usually be ready to go to their new homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age. MWC reserves the right to determine at what age or

weight a specific puppy will be able to leave and this is also subject to change as puppies grow and mature at different rates.  Some smaller

puppies may be required to stay longer than 10 weeks. We prefer puppies be picked up or we will drive part way for cost to hand deliver your

puppy when possible.  For puppies that require shipping via air, we allow them to fly in cabin only via Salina Regional Airport (SLN) or Wichita

Airport (ICT) in Kansas.  NO PUPPIES WILL EVER FLY UNACCOMPANIED FOR ANY REASON.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If we have to drive a puppy to the afforementioned airport an additional $75 will be added to the associated costs to cover gas and expenses as it is over two hours each way

from our home.  Other shipping costs FOR FLYING will cover the health certificate and a travel crate.  Delivery costs to drive a puppy will be

figured individually dependent upon where the puppy is being driven to.  Flying rates and delivery rates are subject to change without warning

and buyer agrees to have previously reviewed said information on the delivery and shipping page as well as the flying page on the Midwest

Chihuahuas website.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure that when your puppy is ready to come home you are ready to get him/her and

that all shipping costs are paid in full no less than 10 days prior to your puppy being shipped.  MWC is not responsible for flights that need

to reschedule due to but not limited to weather/temperature,unforeseen circumstances, illness or injury etc.  

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I, the buyer, have read and received a full 5 page copy of this contract and I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions contained

within said contract.

BUYER’S SIGNATURE;  ______________________________________________________________

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CITY/STATE/ZIP:  _______________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADRESS:  ____________________________________________________________________ 

PUPPY DESCRIPTION:  (     )  MALE          (     )  FEMALE

PARENT: _____________________  

Date of Birth:  _______________________________________________________________________

Purchase Price:  ___________________________     Deposit received:  ________________________

Balance due/due on or before:  _________________________________________________________

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