​​Sweet Dinah is a very petite little girl.  She is 6" tall and weighs almost 4 lbs. She has a perfect apple head, stop and overall build. At just one year old her long coat is still developing.  She is a stunning red fawn sable with limited white markings. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she is even more so on the inside. Easy to please, very social and curious, we think she will make an amazing Mom. 

Unfortunately, the pictures listed here make her look very large since she is small, so we zoom in to make her look very clear. 


Dinah & Joker (RIP) welcomed four beautiful daughters into the world to start our Monday with new life! Two surviving babies are available. Photos will be added soon but a physical description can be found here now. You can also check out our Facebook Page (Midwest Working Chihuahuas) so that you can see photos posted in real time nearly daily throughout their lives.

First Born: "Aria" meaning a beautiful melody

 This amazing little sable girl may be sabled brindle like Momma and appears so far to have Momma's beautiful black mask as well. Aria was born at 2.2oz, fully mature and gorgeous! She is a feisty little girl who came into this world with her own lovely song she sang as her cord was cut and she was evaluated. I just know this girl is destined to be a vivacious spirit of good! We expect this baby to be gorgeous and despite early low birth weight, we still expect this little to mature at 4 lbs based on Mom & Dad's mature size.

Update: Aria stopped nursing and has been hand fed by us. She has been slow to grow although doing amazing is very tiny. At 7 weeks old she is 9.5 ounces. She will be here for the forceeable future. Future ONLY PET homes may be considered at 14w or later.

SPAY AGREEMENT -- Over $5000

Second Born: "Adalia" meaning chosen one

​This wonderful white (appears to have a chocolate cream cover) girl makes her wee tiny self seem big compared to her super wee sisters. This lovely was born at 2.8oz, fully mature and gorgeous! She is a calm puppy so far. Quite and not one to squirm off Momma's food supply or shy away from her sable siblings. We are so excited to announce that she will be welcomed into the Longworth family home in Ohio that already own three happy, neutered little men from us and a half sibling to Adalia as well! We can hardly wait to meet Jim & Danielle again and introduce them to their new daughter who we also expect to be 4-5lbs mature based on Mom & Dad's mature size.

SOLD to Jim & Danielle Longworth, Ohio

Third Born: "Asia" meaning resurrection 

This tiniest of the tiny sable babies was born in a very wide zonary placenta that almost ended her life before it began. Due to that restriction she passed peacefully on day 4 of life.

Fourth Born: "Amelia" meaning hard worker

This darker sable (likely chocolate sable) baby girl was also born in a very wide zonary placenta but managed to maintain her heart rate during delivery and was quicker to get stable than her sister Asia. Due to that restriction she passed peacefully on day 3 of life.

​Working on the Railroad by Midwest​

Call Name: Dinah

Born: August 15, 2021

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