Sweet Dinah is a very petite little girl. She is 6" tall and weighs almost 4 lbs. She has a perfect apple head, stop and overall build. At just one year old her long coat is still developing. She is a stunning red fawn sable with limited white markings. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she is even more so on the inside. Easy to please, very social and curious, we think she will make an amazing Mom.

Unfortunately, the pictures listed here make her look very large since she is small, so we zoom in to make her look very clear. 


You can also check out our Facebook Page (Midwest Working Chihuahuas), to follow the pregnancy journey of Harvey & Dinah's babies as her pregnancy progresses.

Due 02 February 2024

​Working on the Railroad by Midwest​

Call Name: Dinah

Born: August 15, 2021

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