The Fine Print

A list of "have to knows" about Midwest Chihuahuas

Midwest Chihuahuas & Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest feel it is important for ALL families considering a pup to know the following:

Proudly a Gold Level Breeder with the Quality Breeders Association 


  • -- Discounts Available for US Military, Union Members, and Retirees.  Please see our Discounts page for information

  • -- Payment Plans Available.  Please see our Discounts page for information, all puppies must be paid in full prior to placement.

  • -- ACCOMPANIED Shipping Available including delivery.  Please see our Shipping Options page for information

  • -- References for Midwest Chihuahuas available.  Contact us for email information for references from Midwest Chihuahuas families.

  • -- Working Dog Chihuahuas is located in BARTON COUNTY, Kansas, United States of America
  • -- Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest is the SAME ENTITY as Midwest Chihuahuas and Midwest Working Dogs but used with our puppies and dogs that are certified or working toward certification as a Working Service, Therapy, Psychiatric Assistance Dog or Emotional Support Animal. Companion pets are typically released under the name Midwest Chihuahuas.

  • -- Please read our page on our Buyer Frequently Asked Questions 

  • -- We reserve the right to refuse sale to any person for any reason at any time up to the moment of transfer.

  • -- All families MUST submit a PUPPY APPLICATION prior to placement on a waiting list, before reserving any puppy or making a deposit.  Please see our Puppy Application page for information (the Puppy Application is an auto submit application).
  • -- Breeding rights available to approved homes only.  Information on breeding rights can be found on our puppy application.  Also, please note that we will require a breeding veterinary referral in cases of requested breeding rights.

  • -- Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE but in select cases (prior to 4 weeks of age)may be transferred to another puppy or litter. Please refer to the Buyer FAQ page for further details. 

  • -- Midwest Chihuahuas proudly offer a Five-Year Genetics Guarantee and Lifetime Support on puppies or dogs bred here, see website for more information!

  • -- Rescues sometimes available.  See our Adults for Adoption page and/or our other Chihuahuas puppy page for availability

  • -- Midwest Chihuahuas breed for TEMPERAMENT FIRST.  Most of our Chihuahuas are off of  AKC lines, however, we do not raise Chihuahuas for show purposes.  We do have families working toward CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing for and AKC CGC Title.

  • -- When available, we HAPPILY register our litters! 

  • --- Owners must feed Hills Science Diet (what your puppy will eat), Dr. Gary's Best Breed ( brand dog food or Royal Canine brand dog foods for the Midwest Chihuahuas genetic guarantee to remain in effect.


  • -- ALL Midwest Chihuahuas puppies leave only after a First Right of Refusal has been signed stating that your dog or puppy MUST be returned to us if for any reason the original family is unable to maintain ownership

  • -- No dog or puppy will be released to any person or persons ACCUSED of a crime against animals regardless of resolution of such case, WE DO A CHECK TO ENSURE THIS!

  • -- Any Midwest Chihuahuas puppy who passes the Canine Good Citizen Testing will be given a $100 value puppy gift basket.  This applies to CGC and advanced testing!

  • -- If you use content from this site without permission, you will be sued by Patricia Duffer and/or Dennis Duffer Jr, in civil (small claims) court in BARTON COUNTY KANSAS for copywrite breach, trademark violation and/or misuse of site content.  If you fail to show up, a judgment will be ordered against you.  IT'S THE LAW.  DO NOT steal content from this site.

Remember, it is the GOAL of Midwest Chihuahuas to raise healthy, well-temperamented COMPANIONS who will be loved and spoiled family members.  If that is not your intention when considering a Chihuahua, we ask that you not contact us.  We look for only the best homes for our Chihuahuas.

Thank you for considering a Midwest Chihuahuas Puppy!

© Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest, 2007