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Stud services requirements and costs

Requirements for Stud Service off Mason, Rajesh, George, Joker and Moses are available for viewing on their pages on this site.  Stud Services have been temporarily reduced due to the economy are $350.00 (possible negotiable and payments are accepted) or pick of the litter from approved females only. Guaranteed live pup, return service is offered if litter produces less than 2 pups. Breedings to unregistered dogs at the time of mating are a flat rate of $250 and registration will not be available at that rate by Midwest Chihuahuas.

If for some reason your female does not take, a second stud service is offered at no additional cost.  If your female is brought too late in a heat or at the wrong time, refunds will not be given.  We spend extensive time with our "visiting ladies" and require you, as the owner of the female to know her schedule.  If repeat mating does not take place or fails, we will terminate our arrangement with no refund given as we have used due diligence on our part and all our studs are proven producers with fertile females bred at the proper time in their heat schedule.

Currently here at Midwest Chihuahuas we have four studs (three multi-proven and one waiting for litter to be born to be proven, Moses) and we do allow them for stud services. ALL STUD SERVICES are performed here in OUR home.  We do not allow our males out for stud to any breeder for any reason.

Joker is son of Rajesh and is our only short coated stud.  He has sired two litters and is a chocolate tricolor smoothcoat.  NON MERLE line and carrying brindle, red, chocolate and black as well as other possible colors when bred to a female.  

Rajesh, George and Moses are all long coated males and will produce long coat and short coat puppies depending on whom they are bred to.  Information is available upon request.  Photos are shown here of each of our studs.

Rajesh: Black tri-color, Second generation stud here, long coat, non-merle, multi-proven.  Retiring in early 2015

Joker: Chocolate with limited white and brindle markings, non-merle, proven, smooth coat. Third generation stud here, son of Rajesh

Moses: Isabella brindle (dilute chocolate) with very limited white markings, long coat, possible merle. Third generation stud here, son of Mason.  Awaiting litter that will prove Moses.

George: Red with white Irish markings.  Unrelated to the Midwest Chihuahuas line, non-merle, long coat, multi-proven. Bred by TL Cuties of Toledo, Ohio.

Midwest Chihuahuas offers stud service via conventional mating only.  AI is no longer available.  Please see below for information and stipulations. 

Stud Service is only to females with negative Brucelosis test on file with their Veterinarian prior to breeding. Burcellosis FAQ page on this site can explain why.

Questions about stud service can be directed by email to me

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