The Basics

Nadira is a lovely adult female from Jennifer Moore of Puddles Palace, Michigan.  Our home is also graced by one other breeding female from Jennifer's program (Imahni) and Nadira not related to Imahni although they both come from Tiny Mites & Charming lines. Nadira is very short in stature at almost 7" tall at the withers and is very cobby and heavily coated.  She has a line of heavy champions on both sides of her background most recently in Tiny Mites and Charming Chihuahuas.Nadira is nearly 7" tall (very short) and weighs in at 3 lbs 14 ounces prior to this litter. She has successfully free whelped her litters in the past.

Nadira has a white coat with dark cream spots that are striped with blue brindle (she has a blue nose and blue pigment) and she is a long haired Chihuahua.  Nadira comes from MERLE FREE lines and is a sweet an affectionate girl.Nadira is now bred to our third generation stud here (Joker) and she is expecting puppies who I am sure will be lovely in all ways.

For more information on Nadira, her pedigree, personality, future puppies, etc; please email me at; Puppy updates will be found on the Nadira Nursery on this website. Photos current as of November 2016 and are owned by Midwest Chihuahuas.

Puddles Palace Little Pixie at Midwest

Call Name: Nadira
Born 07-14-2010
AKC Reg No: TR8929001

© Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest, 2007

Nadira's Breeding Information

Nadira has had two litters sired by Midwest Chihuahuas, Joker. She began breeding late and our reproductive Veterinarian feels it would be safe for her to have two more litters. So since she had one, then skipped one, she is now on her second in a row, then she will skip and then have her final litter. We expect all litters to be sired by Joker. These puppies have, as luck would have it, so far all be smooth coat although the possibility for both coats does exist. Five of the seven puppies they have had together (one litter of three followed by a litter of four) are brindle in varying hues (standard, chocolate, blue and Isabella aka dilute chocolate.

Puppies have matured form 2.5 - 4.1 lbs mature. Litter due December 2, 2016.

To see their previous puppies, please visit Nadira's Nursery.