Photos of puppies in the slideshow are SOLD and in permanent homes but show what to expect from other litters. In most photos puppies are shown as adults.

Below is one of many photos of Mom & Dad, Nadira & Joker holding hands.

Nadira's Nursery is on break

Nadira & Joker will breed again in likely March of 2017 for their third litter of intelligent puppies!

Based on prior litters we expect 3-4 puppies. We will do a x-ray near the end of the pregnancy to get head count and ensure all pups appear to be progressing normally.

Once mating occurs, waiting list will open. Long and short coat are possible but this pair has only produced smooth coat puppies to this point averaging 2.75 - 4.25 mature, leaning to the smaller end of the spectrum.

These pups are excellent working (scent and task training) prospects. Both working prospect homes and companion homes encouraged to apply. Puppy application required in order to be considered for the waiting list.

Puppies will be priced according to the quality of the lineage, previous puppies produced, color, size, structure, health and training of the parents and genetic composition, Puppies will be priced after birth. Information:

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