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The Basics

Moses is yet another excellent stud born here at Midwest Chihuahuas.  Moses is son to Midwest Chihuahuas Mason, a merle and brindle long coat male (also born here and retired) and Antietam, a chocolate brindle smooth coat (bred by Candd's of Baltimore area, Maryland).  Moses was one of a trio of puppies born in his litter.  Moses has passed OFA for cardiac and patella as well as having passed his liver and kidney function screening and genetic inherited markers testing by DNA.

He has a happy, playful personality and enjoys grooming and socializing with people as well as with the other Chihuahuas (and two non-Chihuahuas) in our household.  He is also friends with our solo cat in the house.

Moses' Future Breeding Plans

Moses has studded multiple litters for us as well as studding out to TL Cuties Chihuahuas as well.  All pups have been not only gorgeous, but social, pleasant pups that have been easy for their families to train.

Moses will be breeding to Manassas in 2016 for an all long coat litter and will likely breed again to Penny of TL Cuties in 2016 for a final litter with Miss Money Penny.

Other stud services may occur as well. 

Private Moses of Mason by Midwest
Call Name:Moses
 CKC Registration on file

Moses' Bio:

Moses is an isabella reverse brindle long coat male without merle.  He has been DNA color locus tested for verification of his coloration.  Isabella is highly uncommon in Chihuahuas (less than 2% of the breed) and is the dilute form of chocolate.  He is very small in stature and weighs just over 3 lbs at full grown, 2 years old.  He is correct in every way from his short nose, tight stop, small proper molera, scissor bite with all teeth intact and straight, beautiful composition.  Moses carries a very thick and full coat that was thinned by a professional groomer this summer due to extremes in temperature.

Photos are all current and were taken in late September of 2015.