Manassas Breeding Information

Manassas has bred for a late (early December) 2016 to George for a repeat litter and will have a  lovely long coat only litter.  We are expecting 4-6 puppies in the litter, leaning toward 6. X-ray will be performed for head count and to verify viability of the puppies coming. Waiting list open with only two spaces left. Interested parties can fill out the Puppy Application found on this website for consideration of placement on the Waiting List.  Photos of George are on the page bearing his name.

The Basics

Manassas is a lovely baby from Cheryl Salisbury of Maryland.  Our home is also graced by one other breeding female from Cheryl's program (Gettysburg) as well as showing a female from Cheryl's program, Jenny and although Manassas is not of the same bloodline as Gettysburg, she is from the same wonderful and competent breeder and we have always been completely  satisfied by the bloodline and with Mani as well.  Also, sharing the same breeder background is our boy Moses who is sired by Mason and born to Gettysburg's sister, Antietam.

Manassas is a black tricolor female with Irish (white) markings long haired Chihuahua.  Her sire is a blue tricolor long coat and dam is a sable with white markings.  Mani is NON-MERLE lined and is a fun and feisty girl.  She has mated previously to George and then sired a litter by Midwest Chihuahuas stud, Rajesh for an all long coat litter and has now conceived her third litter sired again, by George.

Manassas is extremely smart and sometimes almost excessively affectionate. She is very toy oriented and a happy playful girl!  She is playful when it is time to be and calm when appropriate.  She is very curious of all pups that cross her path and has make a loving and attentive Mom.

CANDD's Pursuit of Independence at Midwest
Call Name:Mananassas or Mani
Born 09-11-2013
AKC/CKC Reg No: TS21181901

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