CANDD's Birth of Freedom at Midwest
Call Name: Gettysburg

AKC Reg No: TS22133501

The Basics

Gettysburg is a lovely Chihuahua that came to us from C and D's of Maryland.  She is a half-sister (same father) to Antietam (retired and placed, Mom to Moses) and is from the same breeder as Manassas and Jenny as well although not related.  She is reverse brindle and a long coat.  Gettysburg is a quiet, well-mannered girl.  She spends her days enjoying the comforts of the sectional and giving lazy day kisses.  When it's time to play, it's on!  A master at the game of catch, Gettysburg will play with people and other dogs alike.  She has 'mad skills' and is not one to lose a game.  When playtime is over, she goes back to her mellow, relaxed self.

Health Testing

DNA Identity testing (Genotype) and inherited markers testing are long since complete and Gettysburg passed testing with flying colors.  April of 2014 brought OFA (Cardiac and Patella) exam that she passed with no noted defect 0/0.  Also, liver and kidney function bloodwork was done at that time along with a baseline blood work panel to be kept on file at our Veterinary office. Gettysburg was genetically tested for markers for SM/DM/Uric Acid/Kidney Panel/Liver Panel Marker and Seizure Disorder marker. ALL TESTS came back with clear alleles. Gettysburg weighs 6.5 lbs and is very short and stocky. She has 5-6 puppies per litter when bred.

 Gettysburg First bred in the summer of 2014 to George (red and white) who can be found on the page bearing his name on this website.  She also had a two litters of pups by Mason (son of Rufus, father of Moses) and has been on break until possibly her next heat which will almost certainly be her last. At that time, Gettysburg MAY LIKELY be available at a very reduced rate to live our her life with one of her children or as an excellent Psychiatric Service Dog.

Questions About Gettysburg?

Do you have questions about Gettysburg, her background or her previous litters?  If so, please email directly. E-mail to: 

Personality Bio

Gettysburg is a VERY friendly girl who likes to kiss! Toes, fingers, faces, you name it! Especially toes and so does her half sister, Antietam.  She is very patient and is excellent for her grooming sessions, bathing, thorough combing and mani-pedi!  

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