​Freedom was outside bred and is not sired by our lines. The reduced costs of the puppies reflects this. These puppies will not have our long genetics guarantee but will be healthy, well socialized and handled, seen and treated by an AVHA Veterinarian who will do shots and wormings on this litter and puppies will go home with a state of Kansas Health Certificiate if leaving the state as well as all accompanying Veterinary Paperwork for you to provide to your Veterinarian.

It is our understanding that the only male that resided with her is a cream/off white 'deerhead' Chihuahua. This litter will be sold under a separate agreement and in a different pricing structure as our bred-here dogs of our own lines.

Future litters (pending DNA Health Testing by Embark which is currently underway) will be sired by Midwest's own long coat stud, Lasso here in Kansas.

Freedom delivered on 06 August  2022

© Working Dog Chihuahuas by Midwest, 2007


For further information and if interested in owning a Freedom baby, please consider filling out our puppy application HERE

Belly photo current as of July 28, 2022