McCoy's My Love Everlasting at Midwest

Call Name: Amore

The Basics

Amore is a lovely Chihuahua that came to us from McCoy's Chihuahuas of Ohio. She is a beautiful red sable spotted on white long coat. She has limited color found only on her head.Amore is a happy, well-mannered girl.  She spends her days enjoying the comforts of the comfy furniture and giving lazy day kisses.  When it's time to play, it's on!  A master at the game of catch, Amore loves to play with people and other dogs alike.  She has 'mad skills' and is not one to lose a game.  When playtime is over, she goes back to her joyful and relaxed self.

Health Testing

DNA Identity testing (Genotype) and inherited markers testing are complete and Amore passed testing with flying colors. Routine bloodwork, liver and kidney function bloodwork was done and all showed she is as healthy on the inside as she is on the outside. Amore was genetically tested for markers for SM/DM/Uric Acid/Kidney Panel/Liver Panel Marker, Seizure Disorder marker and more by Embark testing. ALL TESTS came back with clear alleles. Amore weighs between 4 & 4.5 lbs and is correct albeit a little bit leggy. She is the perfect companion size makes an excellent companion and future Mom.

Amore first bred in October of 2021 to MWD own, Lasso (blue brindle tricolor) who can be found on the page bearing his name on this website. Places on her waiting list are already filling and we look forward to welcoming her babies and helping her on this new life journey in mid December of 2021.

Questions About Amore?

Do you have questions about Amore, her background or her health testing?  If so, please email directly. E-mail to: 

Personality Bio

Amore is a wonderful and happy girl who loves to kiss!

Whether it is snuggling with her housemates, laying on our laps or cuddled in at night under the blankets on the bed, Amore is never far away. Her curious demeanor and inquisitive personality makes learning new tricks and commands a breeze. Her first litter with be born in December of 2021 and is sired by Lasso.

Amore is co-owned by Christine Falconi of New Jersey, USA and she will be moving there in early spring 2022 to continue her life as  Mom and best buddy!

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