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** No Adults Available at this time **

Zojja may be available in the future as a scent and task trained Cardiac EMRD dog. As a fully trained working dog, we would require proof from a Cardiologist that she would be needed and her cost would $5000. We would require lodging for 3 to 7 days of transitional training at the expense of the new family. To enquire about this email to 

Placing your Chihuahua

If you are in need of placing your Chihuahua and would like us to find the perfect forever family for your beloved companion, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can take your baby in here and keep him/her as long as needed until we find the perfect home for your Chihuahua to live in.

Adults for Adoption or Placement

Sometimes we have rescues come to us and/or we may have an adult that lives with us that we feel could be well cared for in a different environment and make a successful adjustment.  This page will list any available adults.  If interested in an adult on this page, please go to our puppy application page and send us an application and we will be promptly in touch with you.